Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Episode IV: Against the Rat God I

The characters enter the sewers and encounter DZIGA, a rogue who is searching for his girlfriend who was captured by ratmen the night before. The rogue followed the rats to their warren, but was driven back in his first attack as there were too many. They follow Dziga and find a rat burrow, where they battle dire rats, ratmen with swords and decrepit firearms, and a larger rat leader. They find Dziga’s girlfriend, MARIN, a dwarf commoner named GUILLORY who works at the docks, and ELDRIN the elf who is eager to leave town. Guillory suggests that a cleric-figure took prisoners to a temple of the rat god, rumoured to exist somewhere in the Temple District. He also says the shadowy cleric was accompanied by a massive ratbrute, most than 8 feet tall.

That night the new allies meet at the Ghostly Minstrel, to see Marin sing. Early meets the Company of the Blue Lantern, with RANDO the fighter, JARLO the cleric of the Holy Emperor, BURGER the Halfling rogue, and GANDORF the wizard. Early gets extremely drunk. They talk about their experience exploring the areas beneath the city, and GANDORF shares what little he knows of Jabel Shammar, and also shares a rumour that the Emperor appeared over the ocean near Mount Ordeals and there was a huge explosion.

The next day Early learns that Gareth was skilfully assassinated at his flat, and a Judge named RAHL is looking into it. They seek out Fabitor for information but the acolytes at St. Gustav’s explain is away on a mission. Emeris hires some orc sages to translate Toridan’s ledger. Additionally, Early meets the son of an armorer, ITUMAR, a young man who dreams of his own life of adventure some day. They also accompany Dan on a minor job for Darusa to deliver some devil’s flower to a wealthy fellow named BRANFORD who enjoys the prostitutes at the White House.

In addition to this, they learn of the general location of the Temple of the Rat God, somewhere near the Blessed Bridge, and hear rumors that the clergy there is seeking a machine expert. Early deceives a man into thinking he is a machinist and would like to work for the rat clergy…

Next: Can the characters infiltrate the Temple of the Rat God and defeat the forces of chaos there?

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