Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Episode II: The Murderer's Trail / The Haunted House (Junar 12-16)

The characters return to Darkwater and discover that Darusa let Phon leave. She said her friend could take care of her better than they could, and he tells them she was several months pregnant. They have no idea where she went, but they are interested in whose child she carries and who her “friend” is.

They return to St. Gustav’s, and speak with Fabitor. He does not know where she is, but he tells them to investigate Vagger while he tries to identify Phon’s lover. They hear rumors of a “haunted house” and a reward available to those who vanquish the “spooks”.

A day of searching reveals that Vagger and Laucio often work for a half-orc named TORIDAN CRAN. They find Toridan and his goons, a human fighter and a human wizard who summoned a mini fire elemental at the first sign of trouble, in Toridan’s house. Upon defeat, Toridan refuses to reveal that he knows anything about the situation. Emeris kills everyone and the characters head back home. They plundered his home and took his ledger, with notes in orcish.

After one long night of searching for Phon, they encounter a despondent, inebriated cleric of the goddess of farming, DENEMEL. She lost her wafers at the Gatehouse Tavern and fears a demotion if she fails to bless part of the farmlands up north. Emeris thinks the woman is weak, but Early feels some sympathy and says he’ll ask around for her if he winds up in that area. Early also felt aggressive and reckless, and went into the Warrens and picked a fight with a Halfling rogue named Mervin, and a couple of warriors/thugs named Joe and Bob. After drawing first blood on Mervin, the trio assaulted Early and chased him out of the territory to an excited crowd of lowlifes.

Without any immediate leads on Toridan, they decided to check out the haunted house. The encountered a pathetic mob of goblins using cheap tactics to frighten people away. Although it was a dangerous battle against the frantic mob in which Emeris was knocked out cold, they killed or chased them all away. However, they discovered a deep passage of vastly different construction, heading deeper below the city.

Next time: The party finds a temporary goblin friend, and learns of ratmen who have human prisoners beneath the city.

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