Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Episode III: Buried Secrets (Junar 16-17)

Emeris the draconic sorcerer and Early the Zeltennian fighter are very much interested in the access to the Skull King’s labyrinth they have found beneath the Graymont house, but it will have to wait as Emeris and Early are weary after their fight with the goblins. They visit ERYLL for the reward, although thankful he seems unconvinced there were no real ghosts. They learn the shivel ship is coming in on the evening of June 19.

They encounter Phil upon returning to Darkwater – he is off to the Cock Pit, an illegal den of gambling and arena fighting in the South Market. After he tells them he will be playing a game called Mrathrach at the White House in Oldtown that seems to favour the player. The White House is a gambling and prostitution establishment that sports a unique game called the Mrathrach Game. Emeris tags along to check out the game and analyzes it. It seems completely random and would favour the house. Nonetheless, people seem to win more than they should…

The next day the party returns to the Graymont house. There they discover one of the goblins, named GOBBER, has returned.

He was looking for his “claw”, which he claims belonged to a dragon. He seems indignant about the party’s elimination of the goblin infestation – the way he explains it, they were driven out of their “old house” by ratmen so they came to this “new house”. Gobber tells them that if they help him find his claw he will tell them where to find the ratmen’s “prisoners”. After finding the claw, Gobber leads them through a few passages in the labyrinth and shows them a breach in the ceiling that connects to the sewer. There they are attacked by ancient zombies who carry gold currency dated pre-Empire. Gobbo is killed in the fight. They are unsure of whether or not they can find their way back to the Graymont House, but the sewers – and possibly the ratmen of which Gobber spoke – lie above them…
Next time: The party encounters an ally against the ratmen! Can they save the prisoners of the Rat God’s forces?

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