Tuesday, July 12, 2011

INTERLUDE: Meeting of the Keeper Overlord Council

OVERLORD SEVEN - Our Lord Archanfel acts most mysteriously... What does he do in these long periods of absence? Especially at a time such as this?

OVERLORD THREE - Your curiosity can get you in trouble, Ashtar.

OVERLORD TWO - Archanfel is aboard Demonwing. He will be returning to us soon.

OVERLORD NINE - Am I then to presume the Sea of Eden Project is nearing completion? Draconas, you will have earned a much needed rest.

OVERLORD THREE - Indeed. I will be back at Mount Bervenia before the onset of winter.

OVERLORD FIVE - So soon? Your work is nothing less than extraordinary, Draconas. To think that we will have recreated the entire Ark in just a few months!

OVERLORD ELEVEN - What of the Holy Emperor? After what happened at Mount Ordeals, how do we know that he will not destroy the new Ark?

OVERLORD SEVEN - Indeed, is it even possible for Archanfel to defeat the Holy Emperor, even if he were to battle on Demonwing itself?

OVERLORD TWO - You forget that Archanfel is also a god.

OVERLORD SEVEN - Then why did we lose the first Ark?

OVERLORD NINE - Yes, how will it be different this time?

OVERLORD TWO - You fools! The Holy Emperor had not been outside the Core of the Imperial Palace in over a century! His attack could not have been anticipated. This time, Archanfel will be ready. And remember, he need not defeat the Emperor entirely -- he need only repel him.

OVERLORD EIGHT - You see? You have too little faith in our divine leader.

OVERLORD TEN - Even so, Ashtar’s and Pashkarl’s lack of faith conceals an important question, does it not? How will Archanfel both raise the Ark and defend against the Holy Emperor at the same time? For surely we must assume he will attack again.

OVERLORD THREE - My friends, we must be united in our resolve and faith. Remember that the sole purpose of the Overlord Council is to serve Lord Archanfel.

OVERLORD TWELVE - The Holy Emperor must realize that he cannot simply defeat Archanfel, otherwise he would attack him at the Dark Reliquary, would he not?

OVERLORD EIGHT - The resulting battle would probably destroy the city. And for some reason, the Holy Emperor wants to protect the City by the Spire.

OVERLORD TEN - Perhaps we cannot truly understand the Holy Emperor anymore than we can truly understand Archanfel.

OVERLORD TWO - Rest assured Archanfel will succeed. He will be ready this time, and the Ark will be raised.

OVERLORD FOUR - Shiiva, what of the Banewarrens operation? Have you found anything?

OVERLORD TWO - We dispatched powerful agents, including Navanna Vladaam, but they were killed by the Rosegate Company.


OVERLORD FIVE - Were they not the ones who defeated Khyron? You were supposed to deal with them, Shiiva!

OVERLORD FOUR - How can they still be alive?

OVERLORD TWO - I simply underestimated their capability. They defeated three Keepers in battle form, including Navanna and Relegin.


OVERLORD ELEVEN - A-class battle forms?! They must be quite strong.

OVERLORD SEVEN - Have things gotten... a little out of hand?

OVERLORD TWO - No matter. They will be dealt with. In fact, Drusii is going to take care of them, unless one of their myriad other enemies gets them first.

OVERLORD THREE - Excellent, but how much do they know of us?

OVERLORD TWO - They know nothing yet. They appear to think they stopped the Night of Dissolution when they killed Khyron and exterminated some slack-jawed cults. They don’t even seem to know what the Night of Dissolution really is.


OVERLORD FOUR - Who then will explore the Banewarrens?

OVERLORD TWO - Gragyne is still in Dezolis, yes? He could accomplish this task quickly. Plus we can control him, unlike Navanna. Duumacrothe?

OVERLORD TEN - I will dispatch him at once. He will arrive at the Dark Reliquary within the hour.

OVERLORD TEN - What of the treasures within the Banewarrens? Isn’t the Tablet of Shallamoth in there somewhere?

OVERLORD SIX - Only the Book is important.

OVERLORD FIVE - Vazferdanos! You have not spoken in--

OVERLORD SIX - Only the Book. The Book is in Jabel Shammar.

OVERLORD THREE - Indeed, we cannot be bothered with the trifling artifacts of Danar’s age. Besides, we have the transcript of the Tablet from our work on the previous Ark. So it is true, we care only about the Banewarrens insofar as it provides a way inside Jabel Shammar.

OVERLORD SEVEN - And Sokolahn believed the Banewarrens also held a passage to the Caverns of the Galchutt?

OVERLORD THREE - Yes. While in my opinion that is unlikely, that would be the only other suspected way of way of reaching the Throne, short of recovering the Signet.

OVERLORD ELEVEN - Ha! So long as the Iron Mage possesses the Signet, we will never recover it.

OVERLORD THREE - Precisely. As for Jabel Shammar, if we cannot enter through the Banewarrens...

OVERLORD TWO - There is another way--the prisoner.

OVERLORD FIVE - I thought Archanfel gave up on her?

OVERLORD TWO - I still believe she holds an important secret. We need only a way to unlock it.

OVERLORD THREE - I hope your are right. For if we do not find a way in the Banewarrens, the prisoner could very well be our last hope...

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