Friday, August 14, 2009


Aelric the favored soul of Vazdah, Dziga the rogue, Early the warblade-fighter, and Emeris the draconic shadowcaster had investigated the attack on Phon Quartermain for weeks and only now had discovered the identity of "Methul Watcher" -- he is Helmut Itlstein, High Priest of the Watcher of the Skies and leader of the Republican Movement. It is somehow related to the runebearer children, Dullin Balacazar and the eastern swordswoman's little brother.

Meanwhile, in their assault on the Temple of the Rat God, they had stumbled upon some sort of plot related to the chaos cults and something called the "Night of Dissolution". There is no Rat God -- it is merely a front for the worshipping of one of the Ancients, known as "Abhoth". Dziga's contact with Abhoth's idol seems to have changed him somehow... The demons of the Dark Reliquary may be involved. What are the Ancients, and what are their worshipers planning?

At the same time, Emeris had come in contact with the strange old shadowcaster Saharasahla, who was interested in acquiring a complete copy of the Book of Inverted Shadows. What power is contained in that ancient tome's missing page? And what of the mysterious, shadowy key found beneath Derby's house?

Finally, they had also become contractors for the Lords of Castle Shard. Lord Zavere and Lady Rill will surely wish to strike out against the dark elf Shilukar, who hides somewhere in the city...

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